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EU Timber Regulation (EUTR): Do you comply?

YOU DO, if you buy timber from DLH.

If DLH is the importer, we will make sure that all our products comply with EUTR. Thus, you do not need to worry about due diligence. You will only need to comply with the requirement for traders within EU, i.e. keep records of your direct supplier and customer.

If you are the importer but have purchased the product from DLH, we will make sure you have access to all the needed evidence to comply with EUTR. Thus you don’t need to worry about due diligence down the supply chain and all the way to the concession of harvest.

We can supply timber compliant with EUTR because since 2002 we have operated a due diligence system called Good Supplier Program. With the latest updates, this program guarantees that every supplier is risk-rated and assessed based on the EUTR requirements.

EUTR Requirements

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