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CSR and Environment

– for the forests, for the people and for the future

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in DLH is about being responsible when we do business. It is about preserving the forests and nature we depend on. It is about securing the rights and well-being of every employee and being a responsible member of the local communities we engage in. Last but not least it is about promoting sustainable forestry to our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

We believe responsible, sustainable yet profitable forest management is the only way to secure the world’s forests on a long-term basis. Because we intend to be dealing with wood also in another 100 years, we simply cannot afford to think on a short-term basis. CSR today is critical for the success of tomorrow.

Please explore this section to learn more about issues such as: 

What is sustainable forestry? 

Why is sustainable forestry good for the climate?

What is verification and certification?